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Onyxmeth said:
shanbcn said:
leo-j said:

I have to admit the things that impressed me most include:

PS MOVE being $49.99 (Kinect is $149)



But complete bundle cost is 99$. Still way better then 149$.

Comparatively speaking though, isn't the closest thing to the Move the Wiimote? I mean Kinetic might be pretty expensive, but it's also something totally different from Move. How does Move fare price wise to the Wiimote?

Just checked again, and 99$ bundle include 39$ game also. Which is great move, and now i may end up buying it. And i don't think Kinetic is that diffrent then Eye Toy, check this video out, PS2 Eyetoy compatible game by Ubisoft named Kinetic lol.


Bundle with PS3 will be 399$ which is about 2 times more expensive then Wii. This is why i blieve both Kinitec and Move will fail but atleast Sony motion controller support hardcore games.