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Onyxmeth said:
shanbcn said:
leo-j said:

I have to admit the things that impressed me most include:

PS MOVE being $49.99 (Kinect is $149)



But complete bundle cost is 99$. Still way better then 149$.

Comparatively speaking though, isn't the closest thing to the Move the Wiimote? I mean Kinetic might be pretty expensive, but it's also something totally different from Move. How does Move fare price wise to the Wiimote?

The wiimote also 40 dollars while the move costs 50, but does that bring the wii remote . Anyways the Move bundled at 100 is not bad, I just wish that it brang the analog...stick (w/e they r calling it) with it, because most games that I would play if i were to buy it would need that as well.