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BBH said:

The Good
David S. - "Well there are so many things I could consider good about Sony’s conference. They brought some big announcements such as Portal 2 and The new Twisted Metal game, which look pretty damn impressive. The thing that I was most impressed by was the appearance of the legendary Kevin Butler. Butler gave a motivational speech at Sony’s Conference that really hit home. Kevin Butler may have won Sony E3 in the eyes of their fans!"
Steve H. – "Sony started the show off by playing on the bread and butter of the industry….games. A deep showcase of Killzone 3 in the third dimension as well as a montage of 3D games to be released in the coming months. There was a lot to love with this conference, like: Portal 2, Twisted Metal, Kevin Butler, PS , Gran Turismo 5, and much, much more. The presentations were outstanding and never felt like they were taking a subject into overkill. A pleasant surprise was the liveliness of the presenters and how they interacted with the audience, rather than feeling like the show was entirely scripted. The one thing I was happy with in the Sony conference was the huge amount of content covered, which Microsoft and Nintendo really didn’t delve into."
The Bad
David S. - "As always with Sony’s press conferences they love to talk! No problem with that, but they talked way more than I would have liked to have seen. The one good thing out of all the talking was the fact that they did not harp on sales for a majority of their speaking. Still, I would have loved to have seen more some more gameplay footage."
Steve H. – "This problem shows up for me every year with Sony; the amount of talking on stage rather than spending more time showing off the products. Luckily, Sony had a 2 hour window, so they were able to hit tons of content, but still, 5 minutes could have been cut from speaking to showcase another game. Overall though, this really wasn’t as huge an issue as previous years."
The Ugly
David S. - "I didn’t find one thing “ugly” about Sony’s press conference, but if I had to choose one thing it would have been all the montages that they showed. Not that they were bad, but it was just the fact that they showed so many different montages instead of focusing on some of their bigger titles."
Steve H. – "In all honesty, there was nothing Ugly for me in this conference. I believe the PS3 has the most diverse content in the console market, and Sony hit on all points in regards to their system. Well done."

They echo my sentiments quite well.  Lots of good content, but a good bit of filler that slows down the show and makes it somewhat boring.