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Obvious. This has happened before in 2008, happens roughly the last 2 weeks of July and August. There's a rumor Microsoft is going to drop the price so the haters gonna hate, because they won't be able to hate once they have. Sales swing back in their favour and the Playstation people revert back to putting all their hopes on a new 01nm cell that will drop the PS3 to $129.99, Sony obviously can afford a $170 price drop because they are magic and the PSP was responsible for the $890Million loss these last 12 months.

Don't forget, dropping more than $100 in 5 years is desperate, but dropping $300 in 3 years is totally not!

Also Infamous 2 is a system seller and no-one even remembers what Halo is so it will do nothing for sales. People are just waiting for Syphon Filter 7 and Twisted Metal 6. Once these staple PS2...PSone franchises hit, PS3 sales will be unstoppable...after all, it's only the 6th year of this generation. It's still early! 

That's pretty much what we can expect for 2 more years....one of the less fun results of a longer generation.