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trestres said:
Darc Requiem said:
trestres said:

I knew the preview was going to be way off. I said I was going to be surprised if Wii even managed 25k. Anyways, Wii is not the dominant console anymore in Japan. PS3 has played catch up and managed it, now let's see what can Nintendo do to spur interest in the Wii again so it becomes dominant once more, because 3rd parties have already given up.

Given up implies that they actually tried in the first place. They didn't. They just stopped mailing it in.

Good point, but Wii had a bit more support back then, now it's a desert.

@Smaschu: Wii was dominating totally until late 2008, then it went downhill up to a level where PS3 is selling on par. Don't give me the "Japan is handheld" that's not true at all. What's true is that developers aren't making console games anymore, but otherwise Wii wouldn't have sold what it sold during it's first years in the market, nor would the PS3 had resurged the way it did. Plus, if consoles are dead, judging by the weekly sales, handhelds are on deep coma, right?

If games are low quality it doesn't matter if they release two or two dozen.