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selnor said:
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selnor said:
XxXProphecyXxX said:

LMAO Forza.


Are you going to tell me there is a better sim available right now or in the last 4 years?

LOL why would I bother to? If I know at the end your just going to shove it down to any1's head who says otherwise that "Forza is teh shit"

Just chill bro.

Life isnt some endless arguement. 

In the last 4 years this gen has seen Forza 2, Forza 3 and GT5P. The later of these is a demo, of which only had 120 hertz physics etc. Obviously it wasn't really finished. Therefore the definitive series this gen has been Forza. I for one am a racing fan. I couldnt go 4 years without a new complete sim game.

GT5 isnt out, and it may well take top spot. But who knows. Right now it isn't. And then if it does how long does it last?

Forza 4 is likely 2011, 2012?

Theres no need to be all shitty about Forza, when it clearly is :

1. best this gen

2. no real contenders yet

3. That doesnt mean it doesnt deserve it's amazing reviews and it's place in anyone collection over the last 4 years.


Just go easy on the up tight posting. :) 

Ok your right this should get closed since it's old news, Sorry.