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Lets get some feedback from everyone and their thoughts on the new vgchartz.

Me personally, I like some things and don't like other things.
I like the new vgchartz hub and the whole idea of bringing together 4 sites that each provide a different aspect of the gaming scene. I also like how your one account carries over to all those sites which really help to foster a good community between them. The hub and its minimal activity feed of each site looks great and is a great idea.

I don't like the new look of the vgchartz website. It just doesn't seem to have the clean and consolidated areas that it used to have. Its not horrible but I am not a huge fan and kinda miss the old look already. Also don't really like the fact that the game pages are hard to find and they don't allow commenting anymore. I had to go to software totals to find a list of games. Maybe it will grow on me but as it stands I could see the homepage of vgchartz getting a revamp. Not likely any time soon though  :)

Finally I seem to be having some browser issues with Firefox and the new vgchartz. For example when clicking on an article it seems to strip out all css for some reason?

*edit: sorry I just realized that this was put into the 'sales discussion' section by accident. I just clicked the 'Forum' link off of the new vgchartz and then started a new thread since I didn't see any like this. Then I realized when clicking the forum button that there were other sections. Sorry still getting used to the new look/layout...

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