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Nizut76 said:
I feel this game was left unfinished purposely for the sake of DLC. I love some DLC don't get me wrong but when i feel a game is left unfinished for DLC that pisses me off. I liked the game very much. I wish there were some real boss battles if The darkness can manipulate pretty much anything it seems but instead it gave us a million axe throwers. But I liked the game just pissed because i feel they left it unfinished for the sake of DLC.

I dont think that is true at all...

The story concluded perfectly well.

The chance for DLC or alan wake 2, 3 comes from how this story finishes and the circumstance he finds himself in.


I'm just watching the bonus disc from the CE...

"we didnt want to do DLC just because everyone else does it... we wanted to make it something that gives extra insight and provides a bridge to what will be Alan wake 2"

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