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Level 5, no real problems, though I have to admit I thought that the choice for Blue was unintuitive. Then again, it's also true that Yellow and Blue are less about you yourself, and more about what you inspire in others.

That said, a few notes (characters are named by color so as to prevent spoilage):

Nicely-done on the red, though you may want to change the direction of the plasma-puke; it doesn't show up very well.
OMFG Orange. That's friggin BRILLIANT.
You do realize that Yellow is essentially wielding the Schwarz, if his ring-construct is any indication?
The emblems coming out of Green's sword should be upright, rather than oriented with the sword. As they are, they look almost exactly like Red's emblem.
Blue's emblem should stretch and distort to cover the whole shape. All of the colors do this when appropriate.
Indigo shouldn't have his sword. Yes, I know what the sword means to the character, but the Indigo Tribe don't keep possessions, and the sword qualifies.
Violet should be wearing a lot less. The Star Sapphires as a whole don't seem to be happy about how skimpy their uniforms are, but even those who wear the skimpiest things in "normal" life find themselves wearing even less when in uniform. Whoever designed their uniforms evidently took quite a broad view of what they represent, all puns intended.

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