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FF_Fanatic said:
TaichungSteve said:

You are absolutely right. Despite launching in 2006, the Wii wasn't even conceived of in 2004. In fact, the entire Wii project was just scrapped together at lunch the Tuesday before its unveiling at E3 '06.

Also, you can use periods within the body of a paragraph as well. Like I just did there.
-'But this is the internet, don't pick on my grammar.'
I'm really tired of that shit. Is it really that difficult to hit a button every once in a while? Or, -gasp!- hold down a second button to make a capital letter?
If you want your argument to be seen as coherent, rational, and thought-out, then present it in such a way.

You know there is a quote button please use it if you wish me to take you seriously.

Seriously I could not be bothered with grammar and punctuation, as much as nintendo fans cannot be bothered to make an effort with research before crying copy. Then they post several images of ps move and wimmote and the power glove as well to back up thier claims, despite the fact that the eyetoy was the first sucessful motion control based device selling 10m, everything before that failed miserably.



I didn't bother to quote you because I was replying in mid-thread to another discussion you were having. I didn't want to bother with erasing everything that wasn't pertinent to my point. Besides, I guessed that it was only a matter of time before you revisited this thread, and you would read my post eventually. I was correct in my assumption.

The whining and crying goes both ways, and neither side is justified. I'm glad to see you were more liberal in your use of periods this time.