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Silver-Tiger said:

You CAN make ISOs by yourself. You just need the right drive.

Also, the ahrdware set-up he posted is hard on the edge. I have a 3.1 GHz AMD 6000+ and a Geforce GTX 275, and I can barely run most Wii games at 720p. At lower resolutions I can turn on AA and AF, though and it's still looks way better than on a real Wii.

Yeah, I tried turning AA and AF on and was like..."thats ok, i think you guys will sit this one out."

I found a sweetspot at 1766x992 due to my samsung 3D DLP TV having slight overscan and blowing up the picture to 1080p. Its a massive improvement over the Wiis 480p. MEtroid prime 3 looks as good as a ps360 game