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aragod said:
Dr.A.Peter.Nintendo said:
gustave154 said:
sony will win just wait and see.

What makes you say that? Nintendo has many surprises for E3 2010. SO MANY.

So many? Well let's see...

Vitality sensor

Vitality sensor games

Wii Party

Wii Music 2

Yep, Nintendo will dominate my heart with it's core games from a long running franchises. Metroid and SMG2 were already announced and supposed to come out before E3. That leaves Zelda Wii for an announcement trailer. Zelda alone can't really beat everything everyone else have, and if so, than good for you, since you can clearly do with just a little.

You forgot all about the 3DS which is the start of the new gen of gaming. And if you think anything can beat that, think again.

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