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Khuutra said:
g-value said:
@ Khuutra

Oh, my bad. To answer your question, at times, yes. Not all the time though. Only when necessary. Why do you ask?

You have to understand I'm taking my time to phrase this because you're a nice guy and I know you lov this gamee and I don't want to offend you.

It feels ... overwrought.

@ Khuutra

Is that so? Well, like I've said before, the writing is only like that some of the times (though I actually really love it). Also, like I've said before once again, you'll have to play the game up to that point to actually get a feel and understand why they wrote it like that. Xenogears is not you typical rpg Khuutra. It's on a whole other level of deepness. Writing like that can be considered "overwrought" for your average game, but not for Xenogears (at least, in my opinion).