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I'd like to know if this game is completable in 7 days of em playing approximately 3-4 hours each day. The reason i am wondering is because I don't have the money to buy it but i would still like to play it and my public library is lending them out to people on a 1 week basis for free and i am wondering if i I can complete it int hat time given.

RoF can completed in like 20 hours with ANY of the Xxtra stuff, it will probably be alot more difficult due to looseing alot of leveling by not doing the Xxtras though

It's completeable in 3 and a half! I did it :D. WUAHAHAHAH!

were you using NG+? if so this doesn't apply to you or to him

Yeah. Your right though on the 20ish hours for 1 if you skip everything. Becuase you will need to grinnnnd.