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Lyrikalstylez said:

Its hilarious seeing so many people banned in this thread

I got warned for saying what always happens in Pro 360 threads.


The thread could be pro 360 then someone comes in and says "Oh the 360 exclusive game is alright but PS3 exclusive is better".

Just like THIS thread, the OP of the thread has NOTHING to do with the PS3, yet i see Uncharted 2, GoW3 and so forth. Yet because Legend goes Ape Shit crazy because of threads like THIS , i get in trouble in this thread for saying the truth.


These people need to be mod/banned because they did EXACTLY what the fuck i said and if i get banned for this post (Which is the truth) the i better see them banned as well.



MikeB (Maxwell knows MikeB was wrong. Good job mikeB)




Then you see my post which  reads


I don't believe it, Cliff B is just one to say its about maxed out, In 5 years they would of made a engine to look better, Mass Effect 2 looked good but still not a top contender among the 2 HD consoles. People need to face it, The 360 is a great gaming system, but its not going to pull off PS3 top notch graphics,


Also, none of the games announced for 360 this year can hold a flame to uncharted 2 or killzone 2. Now that god of war 3 makes those 2 games look last generation, you can guess what it does to 360 exclusives."


Those are words that i copied and pasted from Multplatform engines dont do 360 justice. You know why i did? to help prove Selnors point, 360 threads always get turned into PS3 exclusives are better.