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kibebr said:
OMG... but I went to a Guru3D.com page ans saw... nVidia has more features embedded and software that makes 3D Glasses available and multiple monitors available... I don´t see that on ATI side... I always had ATI cards, more cheap and never needed the extra features... I still own an old AGP X800 XT All in wonders... I hope uprade my PC at the end of the year for a ASUS notebook with the i7 and 5870 video card, but with just 1Gb ddr5... not 1.5gb.. today notebook rules..

Their multi-monitor tech isn't as good as the one ATI has, 3D Glasses is more a gimmick since it fucks you over with online competition, but their CUDA support is very good since it's been out much longer than ATI Stream. Notebook i7s perform like shit unless you shell out for the best version which is way too much money, and don't expect mobile video chipsets to give you the best performance for the money since they don't match.


Side note, the power draw difference in between the new Nvidia cards and ATI cards are like night and day, I'd go ATI as a main card anyday just for that.