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bdbdbd said:
@mrstickball: But what's stopping them from buying Wiis? If they can't afford it, they likely aren't going to buy expensive phones either.

The whole point of my argument is that phones - the kind that have DS-like capabilities (like touchscreens and real OSes) are coming down in price, significantly.

I do get where you're coming from, but the idea here is to have as much exclusive content that people would buy as possible on your system.

And looking at the iPhone portfolio, I'd say they have a ton of exclusive content.

I believe you agree that it would be much better for Apple to introduce iTunes to as many platforms as possible.

Electronic devices are becoming more feature rich and gaming devibes , but i would say 3DS will be released only with features that are used in games.

Right. That is kind of my whole point - devices are becoming more feature rich, which will hybridize Nintendo's hardware in another decade. I'm not, nor ever will, suggest that Nintendo is doomed, or giving up. I just think their business model will change in about 5-10 years from providing games/very exclusive hardware to providing hardware and games on a more robust platform.

For example: What would happen if there was a 'Nintendo Channel' on iTunes along with Android, and WinMo as well as a dedicated Nintendo DS2 gaming device (which could also be feature-rich and possibly hybridized with phones as well)? I'd imagine that right now, Apple is making as much or more money on handhelds (iPhone + iTunes) than Nintendo is. That speaks a lot about what kind of potential business there is for mobile electronics + gaming.


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