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Stanislav.Ten said:
sbvgc2012 said:
Zedex said:

Looking at the top sellers from ps3 and comparing it with xbox 360 it is clear that ps3 exclusives DO NOT sell that well (compared to xbox exclusives) Here are a few examples:

Uncharted-3.10                                                                                       Gears of war- 6.04mil

Uncharted2-3.13                                                                                     Gears of war 2- 5.66 mil

Killzone2- 2.25                                                                                         Halo 3- 10.93 mil


Resistance 2- 1.85

Halo 3 sold more than Killzone 2, Resistance and Resistance2 put together!!! Why is this?






Uncharted 2:3.13


Killzone 2:2.25

Resistance 2:1.85

GOW 3:1.81


Heavenly Sword:1.42

Heavy Rain:1.12




Valkryia Chronicles:0.88



Yakuza 3:0.71


Yakuza 4:0.49

40.93,if you put PS3 great exclusives together,it's not "SO BADLY" anymore,just too much great exclusives to buy,IMO,they separates sales.AS for XBOX360 exclusives,there ain't much great exclusives to choose on.

XBOX360 now means old tech(can never bring out games like MAG),substandard product(23.7% failure rate from SQUARE TRADE),old exclusives(you just showed it),no bluray(this is not 20th century anymore),but very very good advertisng skill I have to admit that.

Still PS3 has been rising steadily since its launch day according to VGCHARTZ sales number,that says quality really means a lot.


Halo and GOW franchises add up to 40M by themselves, if not more. I can't believe you have counted ALL of the exclusives, I can go ahead and throw in some of the 360 exclusives that no one but me has ever heard of, Shadowrun for example, then numerous JRPG that have been released over the last few years to make it seem like the exclusive list on 360 is long, but alas, that would be misrepresentation. In my personal opinion only those that attain more than 1M sales can be considered a success.

Seriously? Well we're talking about this generation, PS3 v 360, not the original XBOX, if we're doing that, then Gran Turismo Series > Halo + God of War series...


Not bad, eh?