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Rath said:
luisgvm said:

wow so many haters here!!. well you know what they say. when someone reach an amazing success the envy comes. lady gaga have this incredible success because of something simple. her music is amazing. and therefore a lot of people wants to hear it. lady gaga does things that has been done before????. oh please. the one who said that havent seen all the videos of her. i mean really????. something like bad romance or telephone have been done before???. mmm...


If it was envy that made people dislike her then don't you think they'd dislike all successful musicians? I always find it hard to fathom how people can't understand that some people simply don't like her music.

well every successful artist has haters. everyone has. not just lady gaga. i understand that there may be people that dont like her music. but they need to atleast admit that she is an amazing artist. and the people that dont like her is good everyone has diferent tastes but dont star talking bad stuff about her everywhere. for me thats hating and envy sorry. if you dont like her just dont hear it or at least give a good argument of why you dont like her or a constructive criticism.