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Zedex said:

Looking at the top sellers from ps3 and comparing it with xbox 360 it is clear that ps3 exclusives DO NOT sell that well (compared to xbox exclusives) Here are a few examples:

Uncharted-3.10                                                                                       Gears of war- 6.04mil

Uncharted2-3.13                                                                                     Gears of war 2- 5.66 mil

Killzone2- 2.25                                                                                         Halo 3- 10.93 mil


Resistance 2- 1.85

Halo 3 sold more than Killzone 2, Resistance and Resistance2 put together!!! Why is this? 

The question should be : Why are PS3 exclusive not selling as well as 360'S halo or Gears?

Now, if you put Gears in there, you have to put MGS4 which is on its way to 5 million plus.

The only PS3 first party game that really sells a lot is GT and it's not out yet, but notice how PS3 exclusives are getting better and bigger, that's what I care about.


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