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wipeout pure - maybe i lost interest in those kind of racers, but thwe handling was so terrible that i was just hitting walls all the time,
Patapon - i still don't see appeal of this game and after a while it became just grinding for new items on the same 2-3 stages,
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 - simply terrible game and i though i would never play again fun golf game until i got Pangya,
Toca Race Driver 2 - i though that i would get a racing game not series of mini games on race track,
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 - too complicated controls made this game no fun at all,
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth - at some point it just wasn't fun and i stuck,
gran turismo portable - after spending 8 hours in the game in 2 weeks i just sold this game, driving in this game felt like a chore and the fact that even on highest difficulty setting i was just driving by AI and never met them again was dissapointing. bad game even as a pick up & play title. plus the music was annoying as hell(5 laps on nuburgring or that huge ass oval track while hearing the exact same annoying track in a loop was just tiresome),

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - i though it was great and then i played it, this game is doing pretty much 90% of things for you:/