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i hard to say that graphics looks good when the only thing that looks good there are cars. let's wait for vids from city or more detailed tracks and with some weather effects or different time of day cause it's not that hard to make the game look good when you have clear blue sky and very simple track to render with no backgroud.

looks like that big change in AI was complete BS to me - cars still drive in the same line except that on straight parts of the track they drive left and right all the time.

Dude....they do that in real life for the warm up lap only... I guess you stop watching races when they actually start racing?

do they do that like drunks driving from one side of the road to the other in so organized way that team gymnasts could learn a thing or two. it's the exact same AI but this time they ride sideways ALL THE TIME.


"gt5 cars are >>>> forza 3 cars
but so far forza 3 tracks >>>>> gt5 tracks"

did you considered the fact that each Forza 3 car can be visually tunned while from what we know there won't be any visual tunning in GT5 - it's easier to render a better looking car if it's one model(especially that only few will have very limited demage in GT) than making car models that will allow changing many parts of them and each part have to work with different cars.

to me best looking racing games still are PGR4, Grid, Dirt 2 and Forza 3 - who cares that cars look great when tracks are so bad compared to them that they simply distract you? each of those 4 games are great in every visual part(especially Grid and Dirt 2) and that makes them better looking games. also if we're talking about Nuburgring then there's no better game than PGR4, just ride a bike or car on that track during rain in this game - holy shit!

Do you know why real life races have that warm up lap and why they do that semi-synchronized swaying around?

It's to warm up the tyres so that they have maximum adherence for the start up and for the first laps. Also, they go into the parts of the tracks where it has accumulated dirt and gravel to add some extra weight to ensure that the tyres don't skid around on the start.

If you pay any attention to real life racing, you see that the majority of all drivers follow the same exact line and path on the tracks, hence why there's a "clean" part of the track, where the rubber accumulates and the dirt dissipates. That line is considered the "optimal" line.

You see it everywhere, from F1 to Super GT, WTCC, JPGT, Moto GP1, Le mans, you name it. 

Your claim that the A.I in GT is BS because it always tries to follow the optimal line is itself BS, because in every SIM racer you play, that's exactly what the computer does. Race Pro, GTR2, Forza, Gran Prix, Gran Prix Legends, GT, because that's how racers are made in real life.

As for the rest of your comment....are you talking to yourself ? o.O

Lol, no way.. dirt and gravel is the enemy of grip, they try and avoid the dirty area's.  You will see in F1 (i don't know if they do it in other racing also) that the drivers will run wide of the racing line after a race to collect the marbles (rubber) to add weight, but this is for parc ferme as the cars have to weigh a certain amount or they will be disqualified. Just for future reference ;)

On the warm up lap, they do accumulate dirt and gravel. This is to maximize the effect of adherence when the wheels start spinning on the start up, as they rev up to 18K-20K RPM, otherwise, the wheels would just spin in place, creating burnouts.

What you're refering to, is the post race gravel accumulation, where they do the entire post-end race lap on the "dirty" part of the track, to accumulate gravel to add to the weight of the F1 car. 

Ugh.. rev limit is 18000 this season just so you know.  But dude please, just listen to me on this one i know what im talking about, the cars DO NOT collect dirt and gravel before a race on purpose, this would not help them off the launch this would infact hurt them, all f1 cars do on the warm-up lap is do skids to warm the tyres, mostly the rears

Yes, and when they skid around, do they not go into the "dirty" parts of the track and pick up gravel at the same time? 

During the mid-90s the technique for warming up was do short burst accelerations and strong decelerations on straight paths, avoiding escaping the optimal racing line. Even in some 2000 championships, this technique was still used. Nowadays, they just use the swaying technique.

I concede that I may be wrong in the aspect of picking up dirt on purpose, but they do pick it. They could change to a more efficient heating technique to avoid that, to have clean hot rubber for the optimal grip.

Anyway, we can be here arguing all night long. My original argument with waron and his claim that following an optimal line is not real life was BS still stands because that's exaclty what any racing pilot do. 

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