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RDBRaptor said:
Kasz216 said:
RDBRaptor said:
Multiplayer in Mount and Blade?! Sold!

It's not like, two players on the world map at the same time FYI.  Or it wasn't last I checked.  Just two sides sieging castles and fighting in fields of a bunch of guys.

It sounds like they've added a lot that will be great for the modders.  Me, i'm waiting for the Modders to come in and get some mods off the ground.

Yeah, I know, I've always to fight against human opponents in Mount and Blade so this seems like a god send.

Ah, not so much me.  I'd rather have it the other way, where a friend and I could play together and conquer together... or even work for different sides and compete vs each other.  You'd probably have to recode everything for that though.