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Thats pretty cool, I guess soccer isnt so bad after all

yeah cool sport. its called football

Not where I live it isnt.  Football is a different sport, and better IMO.  

Where you live is not the planet mate. You are wrong. American Rugby btw is not a sport at all..IMO

I do live on this planet what are you talking about,  dont be upset that we dont call it what you call it.    But I will say this, it is you that is wrong.  The football you are refering to is Association Football,  the football I am refering to is Gridiron Football.  Football is a collection of sports that are played on foot that involve a ball,  it is a very vague term.  I dont know what in the hell American Rugby is, I've never heard of it. 


Though the rules of football had largely been standardised by the early 1880s, the UK's four football associations still each had slightly different rules. This posed a problem with international matches and when matches were played the rules of whoever was the home team were used. While this solution was workable, it was hardly ideal. To remedy this, the FA, SFA, FAW and the IFA met on 6 December 1882 in Manchester, in order to set forth a common set of rules that could be applied to matches between the UK football associations' national teams. The conference created the first international competition, the British Home Championship, and proposed the establishment of a permanent board to regulate the laws of the game throughout Great Britain and Ireland.

Therefore, the first meeting of IFAB took place at the FA's offices at Holborn Viaduct in London on Wednesday June 2, 1886 [3][4]. The FA, SFA, FAW and IFA each had equal voting rights.

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the international organising body for the sport, was formed in Paris in 1904 and declared that they would adhere to the rules laid down by IFAB. The growing popularity of the game internationally led to the admittance of FIFA representatives to IFAB in 1913.


FIFA structured tournaments

Men's Tournaments

Women's Tournaments

Sorry man but under FIFA are 208 national associations calling the game football