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kitler53 said:
-PaNdOrA- said:
kitler53 said:
omg - will nintendo fans every be satisfied? does every wii game have to have a GTA/halo level advertisement budget?

We're not asking for that level of advertisement, we just want the game to at least have a chance of selling good

well please, for my sake....give me some sort of definition what what that means.  as darconi so aptly mentioned - CoD:MW2 had and ad budget in the range of 150 million dollars.  that is (just to be plain) a lot of money, way more then most games can justify. just think about it, if you spend $1 on ads then that must equate to at least $1.00 in sales (over an above what you would have gotten without an ad) otherwise you are loosing money.

i'm no ad guru but off the top of my head i remember that EA spent 1 million dollars for one 30 second commericial to air during the super bowl (which only reaches the US market).  Red steel probably has a marketing budget in the ball park of 10 million dollars which is a large sum of money to be sure.  spread that across all the major markets and several channels (of which you probably don't watch all of) and how many commercials do you expect to see on tv?  1? 2? 10? 100?

red steel 2 is getting air time as people in this thread can attest.  what i would really like to know is how much advertizing do people really expect? 

I don't expect it to be advertised on every single channel, every second of the day. I expect it to have at least SOME advertising. As previous comments stated, people are noticing this game being advertised which is more than we can say for half the third-party Wii games out there. Obviously it's working so I'm not complaining...