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Lyrikalstylez said:
Tanstalas said:
Lyrikalstylez said:

Well basicly having 360 go head 2 head with ps3 at $300 is insane, because ps3 has more money for your buck

but lets say a $200 360 slim vs a $300 ps3 slim is where Sony is gonna sweat because it puts 360 at equal value......

So in the end, the console war between these two will be decided on the games

Equal value?

Not to sound fanboyish, but after $100 for the wifi adapter you are sitting at both consoles being $300 again.

And then PS3 still has Bluetooth, Built-in controller battery (for 360 I think it's like $50 for the battery pack?  Been awhile since I bought mine) and a Blu-ray player..

Casual Gamers dont care about that stuff, all they care about is the console price....So seeing one way cheaper that the other is a huge advantage

besides I never use those things on my ps3 anyways....So its just a waste

I can smell and see BS.