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SpartenOmega117 said:
Cross-X said:
That sounds just as stupid as someone from another site writing an article titled "Is God of War 3 the beginning of the end of X360?"

ALl im saying is that if an xbox 360 slim does come out at a price tage of $149 it will seriously hurt the ps3

Seriously? Really? You think that Microsoft will slash $150 off the current price with the launch of the "360 Slim"?

By doing so Microsoft would start losing money on the 360 again and right now that's not something Microsoft needs. While they can afford to lose money (it is f'ing Microsoft) they have bigger problems.

I've seen the new "motherboard" for the "slim". All I see is them making everything smaller. While that's a good thing. Effective shinking lowers cost, but they also made the cooling system smaller. It's the same system that everyone has had problems with. Just it's smaller.

Sony is in a great situation right now. Losing $14 on the PS3, with the megaton games that have released so far. Microsoft has Halo: Reach (which won't expand the current userbase of the 360, no matter if you release the "slim" around the time it releases. I've already said that multiple times throughout this site) and the next Call of Duty game which won't be close to the blockbuster Modern Warfare 2 was.

Microsoft's time in the sun is ending on the 360. They won't be able to keep it going for more than 1 to 2 more years no matter what the Microsoft PR claims. It is not as flexible as the PS3.

We are still many years away from any company fully maxing out the PS3. While there are games that have already ran into limits on the 360.