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Hammertime said:

I'm gay....I love mens bums and when I meet a girl one of the first things I tell her is just how much I love a mans arse.

I said 'attractive girl', not a girl that is attracted to the guy speaking to her (she might be but she might not), so in order not to destroy your chances with girl (if you're not a bender) the last thing you would bring up is your Halo high score.

You speak a lot of truth.

However I would like to add that Wii Sports increases your chances of getting laid by tenfold, for all girls except the very classy types, which aren't my types anyhow.

So I guess I agree, the Wii is the only console at which general populance won't laugh at you for, and the hot chick might even like it herself.


Basically I game the way I like cars, and talk about them the same amount when someone shows interest.