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RE: Kids and 3D

My kids (4,6,7) absolutely LOVE 3D stuff and have asked repeatedly why they can't watch stuff at home in 3D.

Sony is just back peddling to its investors as to why Nintendo has once again beaten them to the next requirement in gaming.

Also, considering Sony's push for 3D TVs using the active shutter system (which I despise), Nintendo is one-upping the idea with the far more realistic approach of no glasses.

Wrong. Its run of the mill PR. Nothing more, nothing less. Sony has been geeting demolished in marketshare via handhelds, theyre focusing on 3D in living rooms, and have clearly put the PSP and handheld market on the backburner.

In fact it was logical to persue that then try to topple the DS, so they started this in the living room and since their brand carries home theaters, televisions, and blu-ray players it was not only logical for thei investors but for the company in general.

Yep, I know its all PR rubbish. But, clearly the overall response is because of the 3DS and Sony's investors will inevitably ask the question of why PSP isn't going to have this as the rest of Sony is pushing 3D. So, while my comment may be a little fanboyish, the intent is the same.

I hardly imagine that the PSP is Sony investors main concern. Your not looking at it logically form a company standpoint. The psp is such a small part of what sony is.

Youre trying to extraploate a single PR press release into some shdow of doubt and Sony back peddling from investors when the big picture sees sony at the forefront of 3d in divisions which are nto only more important for the company but tie together, IE: 3d blu-ray players, 3d televisions hooked to 3d enabled PS3's with Sony surround sound. THAT is the big picture, you are trying to make a mountain out of less than a mole hill and paint some doom and gloom reason why the freaking PSP, selling 30k in the states doesnt have 3d....like investors give a shit right now.