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KOTOR 1 and 2- not really with many advances (game is pretty much perfect), but just for the sake of like a special edition, achievements, and fun.

Crimson Skies- I really enjoyed this game a lot more than I thought. I actually see a lot of main characters nowadays and storytelling form that game kinda used so definitely influential. Would love to see another one, although I know the developer that made it is no longer there.

Jade Empire- we need a second one. Although Dragon Age: Origins was nice, I do want another one.

Burnout- A REAL ONE. I'm a huge Burnout fan, and the last one I truly loved was Burnout 3. I want another one in that same respect. Burnout 3 was actually reason I bought an original Xbox, to tell ya the honest truth.

Star Wars Battlefront- this is probably the main thing I would want to play on 360. I loved playing Battlefront 2 online, so much that if you check the leaderboards for 2 flag CTF you should still see my name in the top 10 (hopefully). I not only want BF3 on 360... I NEED IT. Make this happen Lucasarts.