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Well if were talking about the worst CONSOLE, as in not labeling games, and or controllers. I will hand's down nominate the Xbox 360.

1.) INSANE number of defective units.

2.) Disk drive that literally burns rings in your disk should the unit shift while playing. 

3.) 1 model with a hardrive, 1 without. STUPID idea from the get-go

4.) Pay to play against people online, which is it's claim to fame.

5.) A NUMBER of different SKU's, Core, Premium, Premium with HDMI, Halo, Elite, Arcade, (missing any?)

6.) Expensive for a gaming only system, $500 and $400 dollars at launch.

7.) Loudest disk drive in the history of man! (got ours back from being fixed and holy CRAP that thing is loud) 

Microsoft's second console on the market was a technical atrocity loaded with hardware failure, cost of unit, and paying for online support XD Ours has eaten 3 brand new games (kept receipts for them so were ok), and were currently working on our 3rd :/


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