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Blue3 said:
HappySqurriel said:
Blue3 said:
Probably right. Wii lacks the hardware power for a good 5/6 year life cycle.

I don't see how hardware power has anything to do with how long a console lasts ...

The difference in quality of graphics and processing power between the N64 and Playstation was huge but the playstation continued to sell (and have Million selling games) years after the N64 was discontinued; following up on that the XBox and Gamecube both had processing power advantages over the PS2 yet had much shorter lifespans.

Certainly, the difference in processing power between the Wii and PS3/XBox 360 is very large but so is the price difference. Eventually (say 2009/2010) the Wii will probably be $99 (with Wii Sports) While Microsoft is still trying to sell the XBox 360 for $200 (or more) and the PS3 is $300 (or more); there are far more people in the world who are willing to spend $99 on a console than are willing to spend $299 on a console.


lol you cant be serious.  Even Nintendo fanboys should by now have accepted the fact that the reason for N64 failure was the dumb decision to use cartridges, Nintendos greed = cartridges = no 3rd party support = N64 failure .  While PS2 games stand toe to toe with anything on xbox or GC, no sane person can say the same about wii games and PS3 or 360 games. 

Why even buy a wii if a PS2 is half the price and has same quality games ? wont there be more people willing to spend $49 on a PS2 when $99 on a wii if its all about price ?

Award for missing the point entirely.  Of course there are reasons a weaker system might last longer than a more powerful one.  There are very good reasons why the Wii will continue to outsell the 360 and PS3 throughout this generation.  The biggest and most obvious one is as Happy Squirrel mentions, price.  The 360 and PS3 will have a very hard time ever coming close to the Wii in price or even getting to a mass market price to begin with.  Another is 3rd party support.  The N64 saw it jump ship quicker, prior to launch, since the advantages of CD's over cartridges was huge.  The PS3 is seeing it jump ship slower because it's a reflection of the post launch sales gap.  Should that conintue to grow as it is 3rd party support will move ever more greatly to the Wii.  A bunch of coulds there but that's why you can't say the Wii won't have a short life just because of graphics.

I don't know why anyone would put any trust in these "analysts".  6 months ago they were saying the PS3 would crush the competition and continue Sony's reign at the top, then 3 months ago after playing Wii Sports with their parents they decide the Wii will win barely, now they are saying the PS3 will win barely.  I'm sure they'll give us an accurate analysis of who will win the console wars, in about 4 years or so.

Just a quick point about BluRay, assuming it wins I don't see how it will help the PS3.  There are already better and cheaper BluRay players on the market than the PS3.  The price advantage of the stand alone players will only grow over the years.