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This is a pretty big event. Congrats to Infinity Ward and Activision as well for producing the very first third party 10M selling game of the generation. It'll probably pass Halo 3 in a couple of months on the Xbox 360 and this really is the GTA of this generation in terms of third parties anyway. Maybe next generation we'll talk about the next Modern Warfare in the same light, who knows?

Time will tell whether they will hold the titles of best selling shooter overall, single platform and best selling third party game for the remainder of the generation but it looks pretty much set they will keep the best selling shooter overall and best selling third party game titles with only the single platform crown under threat in the shooter category as Halo: Reach is coming out this year.

Excellent stuff.

Heres the linkie: http://www.vgchartz.com/games/game.php?id=28848

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