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i just started playing and just had my first fight and taste of the battle system. imma WTF?! i only control the main character?! WHAT? then 1 potion = good for all?! WTF?! LAME!!
then there's no experience? again,WHAT? never played ffxii so im likeFUCK!
this is so lame ass! even pathetic sissy whimp as gamers can beat this sissy ass game.

oh really?

lets see, wait for bar to fill, attack, damage? heal. other party member on automatic. so, how hard can that be? if you find that hard then you must be one of them sissy gamers.

lets see... maybe you are the sissy gamer if you thought the first battles in any FF game were hard?? in fact most of the "random" battles have always been attack attack attack attack fight finished go to menu heal the party.

wait until you actually have access to the whole battle system, and you will see that it is a lot more strategic AND more action oriented than other jrpg's.


so, controlling one character is strategic now?

shall we go back in time?

ff 7 - controlled 3 characters all with ct bars, battles are not turn base hence enemies keep on attacking when their ct bars are full ev if you still need to think.

ff 8 - controlled 3 characters all with ct bars same as 7

ff 9 - again, same as 8

ff 10 - again, controlled more than  ONE character.

all these ff games needed you to strategize and make use of your party to its fullest

then we have all those other jrpgs where you need to worry about more than ONE character. 

ff 13 - 1 character. wow and you call that strategic? you can set your other "ai" team to heal when needed then play on auto. youll still win. hurt? poition = heal all! hell yeah! lame!

if you think controlling 1 character is strategic then you sir are a lame sissy gamer.

1. Stop calling people names, grow up

2. You have no Idea what you are talking about, seriously.