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Kilzoned82 said:

FFXIII is total garbage. Compulsory tutorial for the first third of the game- 15 hours is a joke. Most games can be completed within 15 hours. But this will take 15 hours of your time to get through the boring chapters. Another 15 to 20 hours on the longest chapter before you finish the last two chapters in the last 10 hours. Long drawn out boss battles towards the end. 40 to 50 hour game to finish the main story. Side missions can only be accessed when you have completed the main story.

The story is utter crap and does not make any sense. The characters are whiny emo kids. The characters know what is going but the gamer has no idea what is going on. Why should we really care about Cocoon or saving the planet we do not get attached to the characters in this game to really care about saving them. Character development is very poor in this game.

Typical line used over and over: "Cocoon, fa'cie, l'cie, focus, focus, focus".

Battle system is complex if it was left to manual commands. Using ATB and you can more or less just press X all the time for most of the game. The Paradigm shift battle system is crap. Options with the classes which are more or less the same: defend or attack- depends on the situation. The game would of been a lot better if they had the leveling system. The boss battles are so boring and pointless. Have to stagger all the enemies but it takes so long to finish them off. FFXIII does not even play like a FF game. This is not Final Fantasy. Go from one cut scene, boss battle to the next and follow a linear pathway for first 15 to 20 hours of the game. Being forced to enter every fight. You can not just run away or sneak up on your enemy for a surprise attack.

FFXIII sound track is totally forgettable the music does not stand out. FFXIII only shining light is its cotton candy graphics. 1080p FMV scenes on the PS3, gameplay in 720p.

FFXIII without the FF name branded on it would of received a much lower score than the low 80's average on metacritic. Below 70 average would of been fair if it did not have FFXIII as its name.

Worst main series FF game. If this is the future of the FF series well it is a very bleak future. Squeenix have failed to deliver.

When you try and hate a game... it shows...

Just enjoy it for what it is.  FFXIII isn't FFVII or FFX or FFII... it is FFXIII, so of course it is going to be different, and if you still don't like it (since we all have our own tastes), then its failure for you is more based on your opinion then the quality of the game, as the developers obviously tried really hard to make the best game they could for the fans and I'm sure they will take the complaints they have received into account for the future...

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