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PizzaFaceGamer said:

A quick gander at Metacritic will show that the Xbox 360 has the most games with a Metacritic Average of 75 and above.

XBOX 360 has 323 games ranked 75 and above



PS3 has 226 games ranked 75 and above



Wii only has 139 games ranked 75 and above



It is clear that true gamers who want the highest quality games should get an XBOX 360

The XBOX 360 is hands down, the best console for gaming this generation....period.


360: 323*.75=242.25

PS3" 226*.75=169.5

Wii: 139*.75=104.25

Which is closer to 100? Wii.

Wii has the most games ranked most closely to 100.

You lose.

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