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Xxain said:
darthdevidem01 said:
My 2nd best FF EVER!!

Behind FF6

I love the characters, combat, music, lore, cutscenes, culture & setting of the game

I like the story, VA's, linearity (yes I like linear games)

I dislike the summons & shop system

Thank u for reminding me! why does it feel like Eidolons are just there to be there? how many ppl actually use them?

I know they are so useless its ridiculous

imo they look so cool & the idea behind the GESTALT mode & so on is GREAT

but its lost potential because they are sooooo useless....they are underpowered....my lightning did around 1K damage in a battle and odin was doing 500 thousand damage

THE ONLY good thing is that they revive fallen members in your party if you summon them.....so when they are gone any members that died are revived

so in the chapter 11 boss....I just got fed up cus it was too hectic....because of my carelessness hope & fang got KO'd.....lightnings HP was low so I couldn't use raise quick enough....so I just summoned odin....its a nice form of "relaxation"....cus when odin is there you don't need to worry about your health.

When odin went the other party members were back & finished off the battle easily.

But they are still useless

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