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Majin-Tenshinhan said:
aragod said:
Majin-Tenshinhan said:
Instead of making such a long thread you could've just learned that Edge actually judge on a 1-10 scale instead of 6-10.

Instead of posting such a retarded oftopic reply you could've read the opening post.

But it's not off-topic. This is the same shit that goes on every time Edge review a new game and don't give it a 10. Yeah, they didn't think it was worth a 10. So what if they haven't given any game on the PS3 a 10? A 8 is a great game, even moreso when it comes from Edge. To be quite frank, people need to shut the hell up and accept that Edge don't work like others do.

What aragod is trying to say is...




because you and the rest of us are talking about completely different stuff here...


now, if the article is beyond your understanding, that is a completely different stuff....and I apologize

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