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Nightwish224 said:
Vetteman94 said:
I'm sorry that this was the only game you saw the PS3 worthing of buying it for

Yes, at the time it was the only game.

For me it was and still is Assassin's Creed that made me think I might have gotten the wrong console or atleast picked my console too soon. As long as Microsoft has Fable and a few other wRPG then I'll never switch to Sony as wRPG happens to be my favorite genre. A genre that Sony unfortunatly did nothing for. It wasn't until Microsoft got Morrowind on their xbox and worked with Bioware to make console-WRPG that I switched from a PC gaming to the relax gaming pleasure that is console gaming.

The PS3 is a good console (best this gen) but that doesn't mean it's the best gaming device. The games make the console and it's a personal thing but for me the PS3 just doesn't hold many gems. MGS4 and GoW3 are good enough games but I can't care for it just like I can't care for GeOW1/2 and Halo:Reach.