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CGI-Quality said:
abcdario said:
Not to mention that Heavy Rain is not an "all new IP", they have got the same mechanics as Indigo Profecy/Farenheit, they only needed to improve the story and the graphics, the first one can be considered cheaper, but the graphics may have been quite expensive.

Anyways, i dont consider it to be that expensive, it is not like Final Fantasy XIII that needed to renew their fighting mechanics along with the graphics and the story.

HEAVY RAIN is very much a new IP. The few similarities to Indigo mean nothing.


With "few similarities" do you mean the whole almost-unique game play it received from Indigo Profecy ?

Heavy Rain is not like the tipical racing game, wrpg-indie game, etc, etc. It is a whole diferent story, however it got their base from from Indigo.


And you have read well, you were right to erase the "all" in your answer, that's what i meant with my statement ;)