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You sound real legit. You have 3 posts... and all 3 of them are saying how it is not a scam. Didnt you post last night under a diffrent name? Why are you posting under diffrent names, makeing so many threads. If it WASNT a scam, you wouldnt have to defend it. EDIT: I just want to also say. If you make 20$/hour. And your TOTAL pay is only 800$. That is kinda... crappy. What is that. 10 hours a month, for 4 months? because they only send out their checks. Once a month. And you dont have to give your credit card? Really? I thought all those offers you had to sign up for, you give out your credit card, cell phone, and other personal information, to 3rd party people. As well as install adware on your computer that can NOT be removed. They make money as long as you have your computer. and you make 10$. IF they bought me a computer. I wouldnt mind the adware. But Paying 600+$ for a computer... for some jerkoff to give me 12$ and to never be able to play a game on my computer agian, because the adware/spyware eats 50% of my CPU, and over 256megs of memory, constantly giveing you popups, crashing everything your useing. Defend agianst what I say, I'll give you merit. Give me a copy paste responce. Or some BS. Go away.

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