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Pyro as Bill said:


We missed the mark -- that's the only way to explain why we've pulled the U.S. review of Just Dance off our site.

After seeing the community feedback and having more editors look at the title, we agree with the readers that our original review didn't give Just Dance a fair shake. Unfortunately, our critical analysis of Just Dance focused more on what the author wanted it to be rather than what the product actually was. We review games at IGN based on their own merits, and agree that it was unreasonable to compare Just Dance with action-oriented sports titles like FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer. Because of the unfair comparison, we have deemed the review unacceptable and have removed it from the site.

We extend our sincerest apologies to both SEGA and our readers for the mistake and confusion. Look for an updated and more accurate relation of IGN's view of WWSM '09 sometime in the near future.

The problme with IGN is they do this all the time. They do it so much now that they don't even bother to apologize with it. Especially in regards to the Wii now. However so many other sites do it as well it doesn't stand out anymore until they pull something like their Just Dance review. Another recent one they pulled this with is Wii Music. Now Nintendo could have explained the game more before it came out but IGN clearly trashed it for the sake of trashing it because it wasn't Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Nintendo had dared to do something different and they did it well. However it wasn't a rhythem game so so called reviewers hated it. However majority of those that actually played enjoyed it.