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Severance said:
Severance said:
Seriously.. that was about as retarded as teletubbies. Looks great for a Home space, but the characters and that song. Omg.

you haven't heard of Locoroco?

Ive heard the name and seen some images.. but didnt know how spaced you'd have to be to make sense of it all :D

if i tell you that its one of the best games of all time, would you believe me?

I would not. But do you like Noby Boby Boy, or whatever its called, aswell? Both seems weird as hell.

no, noby noby boy is very simplistic. if you think that im into "Weird" stuff because im weird you are wrong

try the game yourself or look at youtube videos,its actually an addictive platformer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSdKtTuIMgQ <--- check this video to get the idea of the game.

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