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Well for me the Prediction league is a good feature for this site. I have just started to participate in the last few round and I'm pretty sure that I will never be able to reach the best player, but I just saw the new ranking system with the total of player and I'm happy with it.

 If you want to improve the system to give a fair chance to everyone I have an idea. You could write the total number of participation of each player with an average of these round.

 Exemple : I have played 4 round. My result :   85.47%, 48.43%, 83.20%, 62.18%

My average would be 69.82%.

 You could keep the total point system and add a new ranking with these average. With that even a new player could reach the best player in no time.


PS : this is my first post here and my first language is not english so I'm sorry for my mistakes.