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oldschoolfool said:
trashleg said:

i wouldn't.

i'd like to think my boyfriend wouldn't either.

He is the only person who turns me on, and i dont want or need to look at other guys. :)

[as for webcam chats.. i think they might count as cheating but only in certain contexts... there is such a thing as different-gender friendships, and thats totally different to online flirting.]

and i wouldnt get with a guy who had a girlfriend already. ew.

your post went from  to . lol

lol..? i dont get it XD

Highwaystar101 said: trashleg said that if I didn't pay back the money she leant me, she would come round and break my legs... That's why people call her trashleg, because she trashes the legs of the people she loan sharks money to.