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was about 8 when i first played Super mario bros on the NES and it was the first console game i ever played, i have been a nintendo fan since that day, i owned every single console nintendo released, some people say they would take a bullet for nintendo but i will go one further and give them my left nut (the right nut is my favorite), ok just to prove i am the greatest fan, i would give them my right nut

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I've been a nintendo fan since I first got a gameboy when I was 5. I remeber playing super mario bros delux. Everyday. I beat the game as a 5 year old. did it well to. I did have a N64. But its really on the edge of how far I can remember. I had 3. I was told I broke them all. I was like 3.  What you expect? I got a Gamecube because a friend had it. I got a GBA SP because a Gamecube game demanded me to have one too play it. I played my gamecube alot. Mostly for melee. As I got older. 2005-2006 I got bored of it. The PS3 and 360 didn't appeal to me. I thought that games turned into for what people who think their mature should play.Their were hardly any good games. Luckly pokemon diamond came out and I force myself to buy a DS. Pokemon consumed many hours of my childhood. I'l havel all  the versions of pokemon to catch them all. Never did though. I got my wii in the Christmas of 2007. For one reason. Super Smash Bros Brawl. It was the only reason I got one. Though as time passed. I decided to get new games and I did. Though despite this. I use virtual console to try and catch up on the nintendo games of old. I missed these games first time around. So I do my best and try to play all the big nintendo titles and increase my collection of older nintendo games 

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