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daggy said:
ZenfoldorVGI said:

I really like how Ubisoft is treating PC pirates lately. They're an independent bunch, and ubisoft is like the lone sheriff in the old west, trying to fight the tide of thieves and criminals.

World of Warcraft requires you to always be online, and it didn't hurt it too much, did it?

I think when you have so many pirates like you do with PC gaming, you need to combat them, and this is where it has always been headed, really. Did no one else realize that?

Are you seriously comparing a games like AC2 ,which don't need to be online, to an MMOG?!

lol, I always like that. You can't believe that I'm "actually" doing something.

Anyway, no, I didn't "actually" do what you thought, you misunderstood I guess.

I was saying that WoW can't be pirated because of the same online requirement, but it is still very successful and played all the time.

So, in theory, if you just take the login from a game like WoW and move it to EVERY game, then you couldn't pirate ANY game, and the games could still be very successful and played all the time. Right? MMO's just place strict requirements on gamers. They don't deliver a better experience, necessarily, nor do they have a greater draw in theory than any other game, so if gamers are willing to meet those requirements there, why not with all games?

This is apparently what Ubisoft thinks too. I know one thing, it'll prevent piracy at least. If nothing else, it's worth a try.

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I don't need your console war.