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ZenfoldorVGI said:
NJ5 said:
ZenfoldorVGI said:
I really like how Ubisoft is treating PC gamers lately. They're an independent bunch, and ubisoft is like the lone sheriff in the old west, trying to fight the tide of thieves and criminals.

World of Warcraft requires you to always be online, and it didn't hurt it too much, did it?

I think when you have so many pirates like you do with PC gaming, you need to combat them, and this is where it has always been headed, really. Did no one else realize that?

Saying WoW requires online is like saying breathing requires being alive. If you're not online, what's the point in playing an MMO?

As for your last paragraph... I bet pirates will be able to pirate the game anyway (as always happens).


You can't pirate WoW. If ubisoft made all games have the login requirements of a MMO, then you shouldn't be able to pirate them either. If ubi is going this far they should at least make sure that folks can't pirate the games. If not, it's useless.

Also, in my first paragraph, I meant to say I like how Ubisoft is treating Pirates, not PC gamers, brainfart. :P

WoW is harder to pirate because the core functionality of the game requires being online (interacting with other players, and accessing all kinds of content which is not available offline).

That's not the case for most games, such as AC2. In this case, the requirement of being online is purely for the sake of verification, hence much easier for crackers to remove (as removing it won't affect the core gameplay).


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