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JaggedSac said:
So it seems like everyone agrees with Pachter. The story sucks but the game is fun. But some of the responses here make it seem like there is disagreement on this point. His statement isn't meant to ask how can a game with this much success have such a crap story. He is just saying that for a game that was obviously going to make tons of money, why didn't they make the story better.

Even movies don't have to have good stories to make tons of money. Look at Avatar and Titanic.

Well said what about independence day.  The one thing MW2 did due was rock solid gameplay, great level design and great grahics.  I have no complaints about the money I spent on it.  They added spec ops mission and the muti is awesome.  So yes the sotry was not so good but the total package is awesome.  Lets see Patcher make a better game

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