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Why shouldn't the mainstream media have a bad view of games? It seems the 'gaming media' more and more is just focusing on games with Violence and blood, so that's what the 'Mainstream' media is seeing. If the specific media outlet that is focusing on games is hyping mostly M rated games that feature blood, cussing and violence, the rest of the media is going to pick up on that.

I mean, on the flip side, the media still makes a big deal whenever a Nintendo game makes some big milestone such as a new Mario game breaking a record or a new Zelda coming out (they actually announce those on national news).  Yet what do you expect them to say for games like Gears of War or God of War?  'The bloody and graphic Mature rated action title God of War, which we can't show on TV, went on sale today with large sales to gaming fans...and that's about it.'

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